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JUNE 2023 – Freedom

Freedom. This word makes me think Dr. Frankel who wrote the book called “A Mans Search For Meaning”. He was enslaved by Nazis. They killed his family. Starved and tortured him. He witnessed the most horrific atrocities imaginable… daily. He survived and was set free… in his book he said that although “others” can beat, …

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First grade sexually abused by a school administrator. Then, like some sort of energetic “blood in shark infested water” a domino effect of repeated abused over many years in my young childhood. This ramped up as I wandered into more dangerous situations as a runaway. Then trafficked. Odds were I would end up in jail, …

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Blog of love

Happy Summer everyone! With as much dysfunction going on globally, it is extra groovy to have the gift of sunshine, warm weather, the sights and sounds of nature that remains a consistent teacher and healer for me. A year and a half ago, April 3 2021, I received my second vaccine and had an awful …

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Choosing A Beautiful State

Can you remember when you felt amazing? Life probably wasn’t perfect, but how much did you really care at the time? *Pause reading for just a minute and give yourself the gift of letting yourself “RE MEMBER” =  FEEL how great that feeling was. So good, right? Im giving myself that gift right now too. …

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Waiting. If how we do anything, is how we do everything… how do you do “waiting”? Science has shown that our biology doesn’t know the difference between stress caused by a positive or negative event. I can’t speak for you, but for me, under stress I can be a control freak, what if thinking the …

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We Helped Sally and her 3 children move into a new home

Have you seen the Netflix movie called “Unbelievable”?

I liked the movie a lot in that I felt the producers really captured the disassociation survivors feel, really well. The this is to crazy to be real was very real for me and other victims like me.