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Everyone Has Rocks


How do you heal from the emotional boo-boos from childhood?


Acknowledge them.


Just because they may not be visible to others, doesn’t mean they aren’t right there under the surface.


Every once in awhile you may see a little glimpse, or accidentally crash into them.


Every lake has rocks. Big ones, little ones. A few, or a lot, but they’re there. Some are easily seen, some not so easily seen.


We can look at other people’s lake and be like… Wow! She doesn’t have any rocks, or wow her rocks are little. I think the dude on the Titanic said something like that. Fool.


Perception is everything. From afar a rock can look like a ripple. If you look over the water or down into the water, don’t be afraid of your rocks! Make friends with your rocks. Have some compassion.

Everyone has rocks, so knock off the rock comparisons and deal with your own rocks.


These rocks don’t get in my way. I know where they are. I’ve done my work. I don’t crash into them very often anymore, (but I do from time to time) and truthfully they are a part of me now. I can be with them, laugh at myself, and even find the beauty in them.


I see their value and let go of what no longer serves my greater good today. My lake isn’t bad because I have rocks. They add character.


I can walk around all paranoid and ashamed that I have rocks, or I can own my shit (I mean rocks), and be responsible. Acknowledge the rocks, heal my boo-boos, look at my lake and rocks with various perspectives, and warn others were the rocks are (healthy boundaries). I can be a good steward of my lake (self-care), rocks and all. I can find my way to acceptance and gratitude for what the rocks and crashing into the rocks have taught me. (A lot!)


I can even learn to own it. Yes, this is my lake. Those are my rocks. From a safe and healed place, I can even find the majestic beauty in it all. They are beautiful in their own way aren’t they? There was a time I really needed those rocks to endure and survive. I don’t need them anymore, but I don’t need to blow them up either.


We can all live in harmony with this lake, and with all the rocks and sandy places. We can practice all the ways to view it all, find the beauty, and just be grateful.


I can share my joy with others.


This post either made perfect sense to you, or I need more coffee for clarity! 


Everyone has shit. You aren’t the Lone Ranger. Your shit isn’t better or worse than anyone else’s shit. Put your big girl panties on and get busy healing your shit. Ignoring or denying isn’t going to give you what you want, so grow up and get to it!


Cleaning wounds and doing your work sucks. It’s not fun, it’s not easy, and it sucks sucks sucks. But if you do it, you will heal. The sucky-ness will end. You will be happier than you ever felt possible! I promise.




Stay In-the-Know!