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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public that 1 in 5 children are sexually abused; that abuse of children is the precursor to sex trafficking, addictions, incarceration and more. Our goal is to prevent this trauma and the domino effect of social ills through effective teaching and training. Our vision is to stop the sexual abuse of children.

“Catherine survived nearly 20 years of early childhood abuse, molestation, bullying, rape, runaway from 12 to 17, and sex trafficking. Then 20 years of what Catherine calls surviving the surviving. Tenacious self-help, personal growth and ongoing healing through many different kinds of healing modalities. Now nearly 20 years of a life that Catherine says has been beyond her wildest dreams. Several years ago Catherine started the 501(c)(3) nonprofit StopTrafficking U.S.. This was born out of an inner calling to do everything she could do to prevent other children from going through what she did. Also to offer hope to victims that they too can heal and thrive… Over the last six years she has done exactly that. A highly respected visionary creating effective, efficient ways of educating individuals, families communities and states.

My intention for this organization and website is to cultivate, through education, our community to feel both utterly responsible and empowered to stop grown ups from having sex with children. This, I believe, is the precursor for all that makes girls and boys vulnerable to being sex trafficked.
- Catherine Ann Wilson, Founder, Stop Trafficking US