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Return to Love


Most mornings I start my day with coffee and something that reminds my fear-based human mind that I, and everyone else, comes from, remains in, and will return to…love.


I heard it once, and I love simple analogies that every living being is like a drop of the ocean. We are not the ocean… but everything the ocean is, we have within us, and so does everyone else. God, or “love” is the ocean. The word “Namaste” means: “the soul that lives in my human being-ness recognizes its counterpart and others.”


As a survivor of various kinds and levels of severity of abuse, I escaped into and survived by detaching from my body and living in my head. It was through my head that I was able to heal at least as much as I have so far.


I needed hope. I needed action steps that I could implement that I believed would get me where I longed to go. I longed to be out of debilitating emotional suffering.


I met RAM DASS in the early 90s. He was speaking at Unity Church on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri. I will never forget our hug. I had forgotten many a lovers’ touch, but I have never forgotten the hug I shared with RAM DASS.


When you are a baby, you can only eat baby food. You can’t eat a steak! When you are learning a new language, you first tried to master the basics like “where’s the bathroom.” In Spanish, I know bathroom, water, and chicken!


Spiritual growth is much the same. One of the first baby food messages I received was from the book “Be Here Now.” Another book by Gerald Jampolsky is called “Love is Letting Go of Fear.” Both books were very simply written and easy for my traumatized brain to absorb and implement.

Eckhart Tolle is steak. Listening to him is a lot like trying to read “A Course in Miracles”…pretty deep shit! By the way, middleground would be Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love.” and Scott Peck’s book, “Further Along the Road Less Traveled.”


Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Wayne Mueller, Marianne Williamson, Gay Hendricks, Pia Mellody, Gary Chapman, Dali Lama, Stephen Levine… and sooooo many more I’ve had the privilege of seeing in person. (I have not seen Tony Robbins yet!) Each person expands my perception of a deeper reality than my humanity would ever be able to see on my own.


People ask me all the time how in the world have I gone from where I was to where I am now. There is so much to the healing process! For me, not necessarily for anyone else, it has been a soulful journey trying to understand the purpose of life, how to find compassion for the worst of humanity, how to have a hope for the future, and trying to understand what lies beyond death.

I can only share with you my journey. This YouTube video is what I listened to on my drive this morning. You may not take the time to listen to it, or you may listen to it and absolutely not get it. You also might listen to it and start to cry because you do get it and it touches your heart. This is steak. I could never have listened to this or understood it 30 years ago. Start wherever you are.

I loved it when Eckhart said, “To love your lover is to want him or her. To love others is to want for their good.”


From my heart to yours… I love you!


I want for you…your highest good!





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