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Why? Why am I doing this work? Great question…

I am reading a book called “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. He explains the power behind starting every endeavor firmly planted on the foundation of the WHY you are doing (blank). So I thought Id try to write it out… easier said than done… here’s what I came up with:



I believe we are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience.



As a Spiritual Being, (Spirit/God/Love)…made in the likeness of God, who I believe is LOVE, we are drops of that infinite ocean of Love… we are not the ocean…but drops of the ocean…everything the ocean is, we are. Neither “better than” nor “less than” any other drop/ being. We are all the same… our Soul is LOVE.


The “Being” part is our humanity. Perfectly imperfect organic human beings. Before we are born our spirit is unencumbered by humanity, flowing freely, love coming and going… but as humans… we get blocked by experiences in life. Traumas, wounds, fear, addictions, inner critic, toxic relationships are some of the blocks that stop the ebb and flow of our true nature… Love.


Everything I do… writing, speaking, groups, volunteer work…is to remind others of where we come from, who we are beneath the wounds and traumas… our inherit good and loving nature.


Through sharing my stories, (being molested as a child, bullied, raped, a runaway living on the street, sex trafficked against my will), then surviving my surviving… all these experiences, strengths and hope…I hope to serve as a guide back home – to the heart and home in ME – in yourself.


I seek to provide compassionate acceptance of our humanity.



By recognizing the wounds that exist without shame or guilt…and sharing the tools to heal those wounds, past and present and ongoing… we can return again and again and again to the loving beings we are.


This is my mission and my purpose, to rid my community of child molestation, bullying, sexual assault and sex trafficking and all the trauma that goes with it.


I seek to do this by: educating as many people as I can to * the reality of it all in our state.

I will work diligently to teach people

* how to protect our children

*how to heal from trauma

* how to not be defined by a painful past.


That’s my Why


Love, Catherine

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