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Survivor to Success: Catherine's Story



The Woman Who Was Abused…no more! The birth of Stop Trafficking ME.


Picture Pippi Longstocking, carrying an overly-loved Pooh Bear, dressed like a FABulous drag queen, no shoes, extra lip gloss, dancing around the bonfire before she falls asleep on a dew soaked twin mattress that Charlie dragged out to the end of the dock so she could sleep outside watching the shooting stars and meet the sunrise unobstructed by the confines of walls.


Catherine survived decades of abuse and subsequent severe debilitating PTSD, seemingly relentless anxiety attacks and a low grade depression that made walking through life like Atryeu walking with his horse, Artax through “the swamp of sadness” in the movie  (click for video) “The Neverending Story”.  Like the fictional story… most do not survive the journey.


She did.


A runaway girl from 12-17 years old. With all the horrific monsters and events that entails, she survived. Being unable to tolerate medications to ease the severity of PSTD, she had to search for alternative methods for healing herself while she white-knuckled the attacks themselves for more than 20 years. She bought the idea that not only could she somehow be free from the constant wish for death to come and free her from her internal hell on earth…but she could…if she could get the recipe right…be…wait for it…




It has been 10 years since her last PSTD episode or panic attack. She worked as a national sales rep for several years earning a 6 figure income and bought her dream house on a small pond in southern Maine. She gave up that job to focus on helping others who suffer from inner turmoil. She volunteers at the local juvenile detention center, girls unit, a few hours once a week. She speaks at half-way houses and groups whenever possible. Her goal is to lessen the intensity and duration of suffering in others by sharing the tools and methods she used herself. Seeing self-help tools as offerings, she advises them to take “Cafeteria style” what works and leave what doesn’t. What doesn’t work now, may later and vice versa. It’s a journey.


Her claim to fame is co-parenting two amazing children who live in rural Kansas. Her son and daughter have blessed her with 5 grandchildren. It is her JOY to spend long weekends in Kansas at a hotel with an indoor pool and PLAY with her beloved grandchildren. 


No words.


Catherine LOVES MAINE! (understatement)


She spends countless hours in the woods, on Sebago lake, where she lives with her “Wolfpack” = 4 dogs, 2 parakeets and her husband Charlie. She can be found, on any particular day in the summer, on Sebago Lake, in her row boat, miles from camp… collecting rocks, taking pictures of moss and turtles and eagles…a huge smile on her face because this day…and the one before…and the one before… her life felt worth living…she is free from her torment…. at last at last…she is free at last! She oozes gratitude. It is her mission, passion, joy to help others create a safe joy filled harbor within themselves. She has learned in her search across the world that INSIDE ourselves is the only place true freedom exists, she knows that others too can create a world of less suffering with anxiety and depression, that she has earned and enjoys today.


Stop Trafficking ME is her concept, her passion, her belief, that she can make a difference for children in Maine…and beyond by sharing her experience, strength and hope with others. 


Over the course of decades, utilizing numbers self-help and therapeutic techniques, Catherine has a long list of accomplishments and certifications…


Some of them include: (its a looooong road, this journey of healing and blooming into our highest best self!)

  • The Hoffman Institute (7 days of therapeutic residence focused on early trauma).

  • Landmark education EST (Two weekends and weekly training, ongoing, usually 8 weeks).

  • Gay Hendricks weekend using breath work to decrease panic.

  • Hypnotherapy Certification using guided meditation to decrease PTSD episodes.

  • Transendental Meditation using meditation to counter stress and anxiety.

  • Reiki Master Level used to offer terminally-ill a way to relax. She also volunteered at York Hospital privately in-home for those further along in the dying process.

  • CNA HHA certification. She worked as a patient advocate in-home for geriatric terminal patients. She worked specifically with the elderly, first for a home health company, then in her own private practice.

  • The Meadows in Wickenburg AZ for a survivor’s weekend, and then ongoing education. Healing trauma. She was honored to have spent one-to-one time with Pia Melody.

  • Dali Lama peacemaking weekend in CA. This was a three-day event, with numerous workshops on healing, mindfulness, and advocacy around peacemaking.

  • Attended Unity School of Christianity for 2 years getting her prerequisite classes to apply for ministerial school.

  • She has attended more 1 & 2-day classes and sources than she can remember, but here are some more: RAM DASS, Marrianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer (a dozen times), Wayne Muller, Cheryl Richardson, Caroline Myss, Jim Lehar, Pia Melody, Stephine Levine, Sharon Salzburg, Jack Canfield, Sonia Choqette, Mary Omwake, and more. Covered topics and receiving certifications in areas such as conflict resolutions, interpersonal communication, public communication, time management, leadership, etc. She learned how to use personality tests in healing, i.e. Myers Briggs, Enneagram. DISC. etc.

  • She has taught adult group classes and workshops, and the most recent was a 4-hour workshop for female sex trafficked survivors in upstate Maine.

  • Volunteer work includes:

    • Kansas Teen Pregnancy office

    • Habitat for Humanity

    • Nursing Homes to read to the elderly

    • Met. Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA)

    • Worked wtih church groups when they needed an extra hand to feed the homeless, etc.

    • Spoke at many organizations in Kansas – Mental Health Hospitals, etc.

    • York County Child Abuse Prevention Center in Kennebunk.

    • A regular volunteer for Gary’s House and Kitchen Tour, raising monies for local programs like the Center for Grieving Children

    • Project Pilgrim, feeding under-privileged on Thanksgiving

    • Participates in fundraising like “Plane Pull for MS”, award won for raising more money than any other individual

    • Organized a group for the Potland Boxing Club ring girls, so they would stop using strippers.

    • Most recently, volunteering at Longcreek Youth Center on the girls unit weekly for the last 3 years. 

    • She is on the York County and Cumberland County groups to combat sex trafficking. 

    • She worked with the Deering High School Drama Club to educate their school and community as an effort to prevent sexual assault.

    • Participated in the Homeland Security Investigations Human Trafficking Course

    • Participated in The Body Language Institute Body Language Master Certification Class

Catherine is an excellent speaker! She has educated hundred/thousands of people to what sex trafficking is and how the genesis of trafficking and so much more is directly linked to child sexual assault. 



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