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If it takes using my broken mind to fix my life… Then,Houston,we have a problem.



I wanted to change. I really really really wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I didn’t want to be a misfit. I didn’t want to be weird. I didn’t want to be me. I didn’t want my life. I wanted friends. I wanted a boyfriend. I wanted enough money. I wanted to be safe. I wanted to have enough food. I didn’t want to be in so much emotional suffering. I wanted to change.


It took a long time to believe that it could… that my life could change.


There was just one small obstacle… 




I needed to change… The way I think, act, react. If I understand all the motivational inspirational speakers I constantly listened to… I needed to use my mind to change my mind. 


I thought, “I am so screwed.”


I mean I was so screwed up! Panic attacks, PTSD, night terrors, depression…constant anxiety and relentless “what if thinking” and catastrophizing… and they wanted THIS mind to think happy thoughts so I can attract the stuff on my vision board…


I had nothing to lose. I was already wishing for death on a regular basis. So I whipped out the 3×5 cards and taped affirmation cards strategically around my house and car. 


Do you remember where you were on 9-11? Where you were on any of your life changing moments… good bad… mind blowing…horrific… the greater the emotion connected to the event, the deeper the memory in embedded into YOU.


So this is where the science of the body mind connection comes into play… 

Ever try to keep a new years resolution? Did it ever work? Ever? Like longer than a week or two? Ya, mine either.


Ever meet someone who had a health scare or new death experience or fall in love … and the changes they make, actually lasts. Why?




So now you know why “change practitioners” want you to tap into the joy you would feel if you (when you) reach your goals during your visualization practices. The more emotion you can feel, the more attraction power, the more lasting permanent the changes ill be.


How in the world can we evoke emotion?  


Fake it till you make it baby.


Evoke negative emotion around the pain of staying where you are. Evoke positive emotion around how awesome it will be when you get where you intend to be. This is where writing highly emotionally charged sentences comes in. Physical movement like dancing and the vibration of sound to your brain when you yell or chant. You can totally change your own vibration-state-emotions all by yourself without drugs, or some sort of life scare. 


You absolutely can create the changes you need too make that are required in order to get you on the road to where you want to go in life. 


You want to lose weight and live life as a healthy fit person but need the mental toughness to eat correctly and get physical? Totally doable.


You want to find love and enjoy a healthy passionate relationship or go back to school? 


You want to let go of something horrific that happened to you and has poisoned your life ever since?


There is no one that is too bad or hopeless. There is no sin to great. In the world of energy, happiness and inner peace is yours for the taking. 



I’m never going to be a zoologist, ballerina, witch or nun like I dreamed of before the first of many sexual assaults began in first grade… but I can be an animal activist, take dance lessons, and practice my spiritual beliefs my way. I traded my expectations for appreciation. Gratitude is the fast lane to happiness. 


The fastest way to get out of habitual lenitive thoughts… question those thoughts with a simple question, “What else could this mean?” Byron Katie has 4 questions that really helped me “see” my own stories and how they run me. 


Learning to question your thoughts, change your stories… put/attach strong emotions to what you don’t want and what you do want, will make each baby step forward stick. The better you get at this… and you after a lot of failures you WILL get the hang of this… it will get easier for you to see how this all works.


I was worried about relying on my mind to fix my mind… I didn’t leave room for Grace/God/Universe/Love to meet me in my surrender and action and bridge the gap… with divine timing and opportunities /support seemingly out of the blue to give me everything I needed, when I needed it.


When this happened over and over I learned to trust. That trust has never misled me. I have learned to feel the joy of great expectation… I am always delighted and never surprised anymore by the creative ways the Universe works! 



I believe in you!

Catherine A Wilson, Executive Director Stop Trafficking Us 


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