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Ok maybe "Happy" to much to ask for… how about just a decrease in so much daily suffering?


Do you know anyone who is longing for a life utterly contaminated by anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, catastrophic thoughts and day dreams, chasing partners don’t chase back, social awkwardness, and last but not least the overall feeling that you were absolutely born at the wrong time place… socially unacceptable in the world that you live in?



Then why is this the reality of so many of us?




Here is the story Ive made up that has totally helped me to not only survive, but THRIVE


Before birth:


There was a cosmic agreement before we were born where are we gave permission to be born in this time and place under the circumstances we knew in advance, including what could happened to us in this lifetime. (read book Conversations with God). We agreed because our higher self knew that this particular recipe would give us what we needed to receive and give to others in this life time.


From this start/birth point, under the conditions that existed and the conditioning we received… at some point of consciousness, we were able to choose. The choices we made set into play, one of many possible paths or realities. 


The cool thing is that all paths lead to the same place.


We can choose another path anytime and as many times as we want to. 


Here’s what you need to know: our mind,  actions and reactions have two primary separate yet connected parts… I think using a computer as an analogy might be effective so I will. 


Our biological organic bodies and brain is like a computer. The body and brain have  hardwired programs:


  1. Stay alive. Oxygen, water, protein & fat, fight illnesses

  2. Make Babies, protect Babies


Our brain is like the auto spell correct on our phones… it takes the data its collected from birth till now and formulates its own perceived truths like:


… premarital sex is totally cool or premarital sex is worthy of being stoned to death… stealing is acceptable if you steal from the government. Stealing even a pen from the office is an absolute wrong. Yelling is an action of love. Yelling is abusive. Making money means you have value. Making money makes you “one of them” (bad). Physical beauty mean power. Physical beauty is inviting sexual abuse and must be hidden by fat or poor hygiene,etc. Showing emotion is a sign of passion and honesty. Showing emotion means you are weak and vulnerable. A black man walking down the street is going to steal our purse. A black man walking down the street is just a guy walking down the street. 


The list is endless. The meaning of anything comes only from the stories we make up about it all. The stories we make up come from the conditions we were born into and made into truth by our immature brains at the time. Its just the brain. 


Brain Science: Thoughts have chemicals associated with them and actually create a highway of nerves in the brain that release chemicals to cause feelings that reinforce the stories. 


Something we believe is dangerous… and we get a shot of adrenaline to fight or run. 


Something we believe is fantastic… and we get a shot of feel good juice. 


Parts of the brain we use a lot, grows. Parts of the brain we dont use, shuts down/off. (we can restart those parts by stimulating them) 


Our Spirit… the part of us that is watching and listening to our brain narrate absolutely everything,  is our true, higher evolved self. The part that is living in the body… we are a Spiritual being having a human experience. 


We can forget this and let our caveman computer brain run the show and let life happen TO us or we can remember who we really are and experience life as happening FOR us… take charge and rock this life! 


The first step, if this feel like truth to you, or you’re curious about it… is to hone the skill of recognizing the differences between your organic you which includes the constant narrator and if you were traumatized, not just the narrator but the parts of your personality at the ages you were wounded ie the wounded inner child voice of a 5 yr old or 12 yr old etc. And the voice of your truth self… the Spirit who watches and listens to the drama of the brain.


Just for a day pay attention to who is talking in your head. I love the book by Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul”


To summarize: 


  • We agreed to be born into whatever circumstances we arrived into in this lifetime for a very excellent reason, even if we don’t have a clue to what that reason could possibly be

  • We live in an organic body & mind that only cares about staying alive and having babies. Very caveman. When your cave man is talking look for his/her agenda… to protect itself.

  • Our infinite true Spirit selves use this body to have a human experience. To evolve and help others do the same. Of service. 

  • We can let the caveman run the show or take the reins and live this life to our own unique potential. Its our choice.


Noticing is where we begin. Then we start asking anti caveman questions to give yourself  grit to get out of the habits that you in your emotional ruts… like asking your organic brain… What else could this —-fill in the blank— mean? The what if thoughts that the caveman uses to predict harm and to protect you… you can use, what my friend Joan Warren calls “What if UP” tool where consciously exchange your fear based thought with a positive one.  From, “You’re not good enough for that new job”… exchange it for “If I dont get this job its because something else better is on its way… I will learn and grow from this opportunity and win no matter what.”


Tony Robbins says he imagined what the very best man looked like. The kind of man he wished he was. Then he commanded and demanded from his caveman self to BECOME IT… and he most certainly did. He also created other parts of himself… like our caveman has wounded parts … Tony CHOSE parts to embody… a business man that makes businesses with multi millions of dollars. He coaches billionaires. He also has a part that can motivate 5000 attendees for 6 straight days. Then the husband & father. 


So my 2018 question for myself is now that I am not only out of suffering…but I am truly HAPPY… I think its time I create my elder woman. Ill be 54 in April. Who is the coolest rocking wild successful beacon of hope understanding and LOVE? I want to call her forth … I WILL call her forth…. from the mystical energy that dwells in this organic body… Im excited and curious….


Stay In-the-Know!