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A little secret about happiness







Everyone has a story or a blueprint in their mind about their life should like to mean, or equal happiness.


“I won’t be truly fulfilled unless I am married to a doctor named Johnathon, live in the suburbs of Connecticut, have three children, 2 boys ( Johnaton & William) first then a daughter named Elisabeth… a golden retriever named Max… drive a Volvo, grow award winning double bloom hot pink royal roses…”




“I must be independent. Work from my lap top and phone, home is anywhere I am and I am all over the world. I have amazing friends … with benefits. Just love children & pets… other peoples… I borrow them and give them back. I am the favorite Aunt. A fantastic friend. Brilliant and successful. 




I must be a star… singer, athlete, dancer, actor, writer, photographer…. 


Our blueprint originated from a concoction of karma, previous life stuff, nature… where we were born, when we were born, to whom we were born and what we watched on tv…. lol


If our current life matches our story about how life needs to be to make us happy… then we are. If it doesn’t, we aren’t. 


If we have all the “stuff” but we still aren’t happy… we can get confused, resentful, angry, frustrated… 


There is a need behind the story. To feel loved. To feel safe. To feel needed. And along the way we make up a life story that we believe will meet that deep need.


But hey… how old were we when we made up that story? Is that need still valid? Is that story still the path? At some point it can be helpful to stop, step back, spend sometime with yourself and ask yourself some questions. 


What is my story about who I want to be in life? About romance? Work? Friends? Health? Giving back? Personal growth? God? Money? 


Are your stories growing you, hurting you, making you play small? Do you want to change your story?


Do you feel like a victim to a story? I am a victim so I must be a certain way? I grew up poor so I will never have money? I never went to collage so I will never be smart? I am old now so I lost my chance to have fun?


Change your focus to “What can I do? How can it work? What else can it mean?” 


Remember life is happening FOR you not TO you. 


I believe in you! Love, Catherine



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