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So much bad news…

It’s so easy to focus on what’s wrong, what’s broken, what’s not working, the violence… people speaking with hate, the media perpetuating “bad news” ….about the situations and people “out there” and then we focus on what’s wrong, broken, in ourselves… about ourselves.



Don’t you love sparkles on the water? It’s one of my favorite visuals in this life. Energetic, every changing, powerful, peaceful, perfect.


When I go to sleep overtired, emotionally exhausted, sad or angry or disappointed… And I wake up remembering my upset and start to put it back on like a really terrible outfit that makes me feel… like crap… that’s when I stop.


I have to remind myself to go back to basics to change my emotional state. Life‘s problems are not my problem… My energy is my problem. My emotional state is my problem. The same people, life situations, state of political affairs, abuse on children is all still there… Whether I am in a good energetic emotional space or not. But what’s true for me is when I am in a good energetic emotional space, I enjoy life more and I can do more good towards those other things I mentioned. Otherwise I’m just sinking with the ship…. no good to anyone including myself.



There is a practice I learned that I’ll share with you… Find a memory and your mental Rolodex… somethign that immediately makes you feel happy. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was or what the backstory is… All that matters is that when you think about it you are instantly happy. Maybe its the sparkles on the water… so simple, elegant, natural…


The goal is to sit for 60 seconds holding nothing but those images and thoughts… experience the sound, smells, tastes, whatever, that bring you energetically and emotionally to the highest level of joy you can allow yourself to have. Now you might only be able to do that for five seconds when you first start. Five seconds of joy is better than no seconds of joy! Start where you are and work on increasing your endurance for sustaining a joyful energetic emotional state.


It is when you are in that higher vibration energetic emotional state that creativity, miracles, synchronicity, come into alignment and the grooviness of life happens.

May the force be with you… I beleive in you!


Love, Catherine, sex abuse and trafficking survivor 












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