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What does your Spirit look like?

How’s that for a wild question?! Think about it, when you are totally in alignment with your best self… your Spirit… it’s like being in Love…everything feels “right”. It’s almost euphoric.


Can you remember when that happened? Can you remember many times it happened? Do you have any pictures of you or of something that symbolizes your Spirit in all its glory?!


Does it make you smile just to think about your spirit? Does it fill you with joy to remember the situation/event/people surrounding that time?


Were you brave? Funny? Outgoing? Kind? Generous? Wild? Rebellious?


If you haven’t actually done this, imagine your highest self – portrayed in a character on TV, in a book, or on social media.


This is the person you could be if just given a chance.


That person you are drawn to has qualities that live within you and are just waiting to come out in a bigger braver way.


So let’s be cautious… what are simple ways you can be in alignment with the best version of you – your true spirit? Is there a piece of jewelry or clothing or perfume you could wear that empowers you to behave just a little higher…just a bit out of your comfort zone but more bold, brave?


Is there a picture that you can save on your phone or computer screen saver, or put on your fridge? The goal is to surround yourself with reminders as much as possible until your new behavior becomes habit…then and only then do you take another bold step…and then another…


I do really simple things like paint my toe nails with sparkles because sparkles remind me of sparkles on the water which remind of God, peace and love. My car is the color of pearl because pearls remind of the beauty that can come from the pain in life (which is how pearls are formed).  I purposely do wild stunts because I know that later on, and for years afterwards, I will remember that crazy moment and it will bring me joy! Like… I will “ride” my shopping cart all the way to my car. Once I stole the grocery store scooter and drove it all over the parking lot singing “Born to be wild”. I’ll wear my Jammies places. I’ll dance at random public places. This is all innocent stuff but actions that make me laugh and cause no harm. I go to see Children’s movies, read Children’s books. I’ll cannon ball off the dock, and sleep outside in my Carebear onesie that matches my 12 year old granddaughter’s – so we are twins. I’m actually wearing it now.


What can you do to raise your own vibration a few minutes each day? Dance to old Soul Train shows on you tube? Buy goofy slippers? Watch old SNL reruns? What brings you JOY? What does your wild wonderful Spirit look like?


I would love to see pictures of your spirit! Here’s a few of my wild self… let me know your creative caption…

I believe in you…


With Love, Catherine, sex trafficking survivor and thriver






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