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Choosing A Beautiful State

Can you remember when you felt amazing? Life probably wasn’t perfect, but how much did you really care at the time?

*Pause reading for just a minute and give yourself the gift of letting yourself “RE MEMBER” =  FEEL how great that feeling was. So good, right?

Im giving myself that gift right now too. Remembering happy memories that I feel grateful that I got to experience.

I felt so ME. So emotionally free and authentic! On top of the world! … I just spontaneously took a deep breath, did you?

There are many recipes or self help tools for feeling great. When we consciously engage in our own personal strategies, it becomes a life style habit. Life happens. Stress, tragedy, illness, tragic world events can really throw us off our daily habits… then, our well traveled happy healthy path can become a pothole laden, rut filled, trail leading to swamp of sadness…(yes that was a reference to the movie “The NeverEnding Story”)

I have a strategies for myself that I call strategy 101. When Im emotionally free falling, I pull my imaginary 101 parachute chord and safely land on the first step of my happy healthy road that leads to a beautiful state of being/feeling. I don’t just land and instantly feel fabulous … but I can begin on the step one that offers me a choice to get back to that beautiful state through action steps from my 101 recipe.

Here are some of the ingredients:

  1. Ok I know you’ve heard it a million times and Im sorry but there is SO MUCH scientific research to back it up … Get enough SLEEP. This one tool alone can be completely life changing.  And better yet, make it a solid routine 7 days a week with little wavering. For most people its asleep by 9-10pm and wake up 5-6am. 7 days a week. Dark room. Cold room, 65 degrees f. Tom Brady (athlete) says it’s his super power tool for winning so many super bowls. (football game)
  2. Two and three are the same level of priority but I had to pick what’s next so I chose EXERCISE. MOVE or die! I love Tony Robbins new book called “Life Force” Tonys fitness trainer, Billy Beck, offers a free training program for those who get the book. I walk 10K steps a day. Pilates 2X a week. I bike and run. I love free weights. Do whatever makes you giggle. Whatever is fun to you. Do that. Best sleep and anti depression medication for many people, including me, there is. AND please … if you have biological depression or mental health issues make sure you talk to your health provider about any changes in medication in advance.
  3. You are what you eat. Listen this isn’t rocket science. If you eat more than you need… you will gain weight. If you eat less, you loose weight. If you eat the right kinds and quantities for your unique biological needs… you will enjoy radiant health and vitality.
  4. Last one because these really are my most basic foundational tools… I Sit down and shut up for ten minutes twice a day. Give yourself an opportunity to catch up w yourself. Breathe. Check in with yourself. Connect with source, reboot, update, recharge, delete old messages, up load the latest help. Be open… as Gabby Bernstein says…. to creative solutions. They can’t catch up to you if you don’t slow down. Remember who has your back… a powerful loving God, who, in my opinion, made the mistake by giving us a free will (Im only half kidding)

Lastly, I am a huge fan of the power of pretending. So… ask yourself…if you really did feel absolutely radiantly healthy, clear minded, healthy, happy, secure, confident… how would you show up in your life today?

Here is your homework assignment, if you choose to accept it… Watch “Living With Yourself” on Netflix. Its an older movie blah blah blah … yes, but really brings home my point in a creative  way.

Based on the premise of the movie, What if my own personal DNA really was upgraded to my highest and best… what would I do? How would I wake up? What would I eat? What would I wear? How would I treat people? What kind of boundaries would I use? Who would I quietly step away from…or towards?

Ohhhh I crack myself up! But you know what? It works. If you could just pull off the power of pretending for 21 days (and know you can)…boom! A REAL habit has been made.

Where focus goes, energy flows… lets focus on living in a beautiful state no matter the reality of whatever is happening… keep moving forward!


Book: Tony Robbins Life Force

Exercises: Billy Beck

Movie: Living With Yourself staring Pull Rudd on Netflix

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