Sex Trafficking, Exploitation

Healing Can Be a Lifestyle

  Healing is not a destination, depending on one’s reaction to trauma. Mind you, NOT the amount of trauma. Healing can be a lifestyle. It can be something you have to dance with every day, or some days, or monthly and seasonally…   When something “comes up for me,” I remember something or I get triggered. I …

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Lessons from a Graveyard

  The best therapy workshop I ever did was from an organization called the Hoffman institute. You stay at one of their residential treatment facilities, they have them all over the country, and I believe out of the country…for seven days.   All you work on for seven days is the issues you have that were …

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  A trigger for me is any stimulus that causes my mind to go back to a memory and experience again a strong positive or negative emotion   The Holidays, for example, when The Nutcracker Ballet comes to town … as soon as I see the ads for it or hear the music – it …

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