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Parenting Safe Children

Teaching Event


June 8th

Online Zoom Webinar

Workshop Empowering Adults to Keep Children Safe from Sexual Assault

Please join us for an inspiring virtual workshop on preventing child sexual assault, protecting both the children in your life and community. This workshop is ideal for parents, relatives, teachers, therapists…anyone who cares about children.

This event has limited seating, so be sure to click the “Get Tickets Here” button above to get your tickets and reserve your spot from Eventbrite! From the Eventbrite page, ignore the paid ticket option and choose the number of free tickets you want and check out.

During this interactive teaching, you’ll learn the following:

  • What makes children vulnerable to sexual assault?
  • Body-safety rules you can teach your children to keep them safe.
  • How you can talk about your child’s body safety with teachers, coaches, nannies, family members, faith leaders, and other parents.
  • And much more!

  • Consent
  • Playing “What If” Games with Children
  • Building a Prevention Team™ of Caregivers
  • Tips for Interviewing Child Care Providers
  • Body-Safety Rules for Children
  • Secrets
  • Age-Appropriate Sexual Behavior vs. Problematic Sexual Behavior in Children
  • “Teachable Moments”
  • Teaching Manners While Also Teaching Kids to Say “No”
  • Answering Kids Sexual Questions
  • Talking About Pornography with Kids

Meet your teacher

Feather Berkower, LCSW

Feather is a licensed clinical social worker and holds a Master’s of Social Welfare from the University of California, Berkeley.

She has been a leader in child sexual abuse prevention since 1985 and has educated nearly one-hundred fifty thousand schoolchildren, parents and youth professionals. Her well-regarded workshop, Parenting Safe Children, empowers adults to keep children safe from sexual assault.

Feather co-authored Off Limits, a parenting book that will change the way you think about keeping children safe and Conversation-Starter Cards for caregivers. They are available on her website at

She presents in schools, youth organizations, parenting groups, and businesses worldwide.

Feather believes that adults are responsible for protecting children from sexual assault. Feather makes this difficult topic less scary, and consistently impresses audiences with her knowledge, commitment, and warmth.

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