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Working Together To End Sexual Abuse in Maine
September 12-14, 2019
First Baptist Church, 360 Canco Road, Portland Maine

FREE Community Conference for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse


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Victor Vieth

Director of Education & Research Zero Abuse Project


Peter Singer

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Zero Abuse Project

Catherine Ann Wilson

Survivor, Executive Director Stop Trafficking US

Bill Legere

Board Member The Foundation for Hope & Grace

Schedule September 12-14, 2019
3 Days. 10 Speakers. 1 Band. Free for Everyone. Keeping Kids Safe. 

Day One: Thurs. Sept 12  Safe Environment Training
Presented by Victor Vieth

8:30   Welcome and Opening Remarks

8:40   When Faith Hurts

10:10 BREAK

10:20 When Faith Hurts continued

11:50 Discussion and Feedback

12:00 LUNCH BREAK – Food Trucks on Site

1:00   When Child Abuse Hits Home: Corporal Punishment, the Law               and the Faith Community
2:20   BREAK

2:30   Like a Footprint in Wet Cement: Understanding The Impact of           Trauma on Children
3:50   BREAK

4:00   Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Offenses Committed

          by children

5:00   Adjourn

Fri. Sept 13 Morning Session for…
Law Enforcement, MDT Teams Attorneys, CACs, Mental Health and Medical Professionals, Faith Leaders

Presented by Victor Vieth

8:15   Opening and Welcome – Jonathan Sahrbeck,

          Cumberland County District Attorney

8:30   Maintaining Effective MDTs
10:00 BREAK

10:15 Best Practices in MDT Responses to Cases of Juveniles                 Who Commit Sexual Offenses

11:45 Discussion and Feedback
12:00 Closing and Lunch – Food Trucks on Site

Approved by Maine Bar for 3.0 CLE hours.  

Day Two: Fri. Sept 13 Safe Environment Training
Presented by Pete Singer (AM) and Victor Vieth (PM)

8:15   Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:30   Addressing Emotional and Spiritual Injuries
10:00 BREAK

10:10 Care in Action: A Collaboration between Faith and Child                   Protective Communities

11:40 Discussion and Feedback

12:00 LUNCH BREAK – Food Trucks on Site

1:00   Responding to Allegations of Child Abuse Within

          a Congregation
2:30   Discussion and Feedback

2:45   BREAK

2:55   Small group exercises

4:25   Discussion of small group exercises and closing

4:45   Closing Remarks and Adjourn

Fri. Sept 13 –

Evening Reception and Live Entertainment

Day Three: Sat. September 14

8:00   Registration and Networking
8:45   Kickoff and Opening Remarks
9:00   Victor Vieth Keynote Address: Unto the Third Generation: A Call to End Child Abuse Within 30 Years

10:15 The Long-Term Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences

11:30 Raising Sexually Healthy Children: The First Step to Prevention

12:30 Lunch Break – Food Trucks on Site

1:30   Connections Between Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

2:30   Prevention and Response in Maine & Panel Q&A

3:30   Adjourn

Military NOVA credits and certificates
for Law Enforcement, Clergy and Ministers will be offered.

CME/CP/CE credit hours are granted as follows:

Thursday Sept 12    6.75 hours

Friday Sept 13        6.75 hours

Friday Breakout         3.0 hours

Saturday Sept 14      6.5 hours

Session Descriptions:

Victor Vieth

When Faith Hurts: Understanding, Recognizing and Responding to the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Impact of Child Maltreatment
Thursday, Sept 12, 2019 – 8:00am – 12:00pm

In depth workshop for understanding the total impact of child abuse and establishing effective policies for creating a safe environment. While open to all, this presentation is designed for leadership and staff of faith communities in particular.

When Child Abuse Hits Home: Corporal Punishment, the Law & the Faith Community
Thursday, Sept 12, 2019 – 1:00 – 2:30pm

Overview of research on the effectiveness and risk factors associated with corporal punishment as well as an overview of the contracting legal definition of reasonable force. Various theological approaches to corporal punishment are discussed. A case scenario is presented to work through possible approaches to a case of physical discipline resulting in child injuries.

Like a Footprint in Wet Cement: Understanding Adverse Childhood Experience Research
Thursday, Sept 12 – 2:30 – 3:50pm

The ongoing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) studies out of Kaiser Permanente and the Center for Disease Control suggest that childhood maltreatment and family dysfunction are major risk factors for the leading causes of illness, death and poor psychological adjustment in the United States. Cumulative adverse childhood events have a role in poor physical health, problematic health risk behaviors, learning challenges, behavior problems and disease. The presentation will review this research and discuss the importance of faith, medical and mental health providers working to address to have a holistic approach to addressing a child’s needs.

Understanding and Responding to the Sexual Behaviors of Children
Thursday, September 12 – 4:00 – 5:00pm

Details normal and abnormal sexual behaviors of youth and offers concrete recommendations for treatment and other services for children with sexual behavior problems. When and how a child who has offended against others can be integrated back into a family or group setting will also be discussed.

Responding to Allegations of Child Abuse within a Congregation

Friday, September 13 – 1:00 – 4:45pm

Interactive facilitated presentation reviewing a case of child sexual abuse arising within a faith setting. Working as a group, students will discuss various challenges resulting from the case and develop a plan for an appropriate response to the needs of the victim, offender, and faith community.

Breakfast Keynote:  Unto the Third Generation: A Call to End Child Abuse Within 30 Years

Saturday, September 14 – 9:00-10:00am

In this moving, hopeful address, attendees will learn the five obstacles that prevent us from ending child abuse and will learn of sweeping changes now taking place in our child protection system that will enable us to significantly reduce and perhaps eliminate child abuse over the course of the next three generations.  The keynote is based on a scholarly work that was published in the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma and in the Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy, Fall 2006.

BREAKOUT SESSION Only for Law Enforcement, MDT Teams, Attorneys, CACs, Mental Health and Medical Professionals, Faith Leaders. Friday, September 13 – 8:15 – 12:15

Maintaining Effective MDTs  (8:30-10:00am) (1.5 credit hours)

Students will be given concrete ideas for making established teams function as a unit during the investigation and prosecution stages of a child abuse case.  Also included will be team approaches for interviewing children, collecting collaborating evidence, and putting together a strong, solid case.  Students will also learn steps to build team unity, avoid burnout, and involve the community in efforts to protect children.

Best Practices in MDT Responses to Cases of Juveniles Who Commit Sexual Offenses (10:15-11:45) (1.5 credit hours)

Using a case study, students learn effective strategies for investigating a case in which a child commits a sexual offense against another child. Utilizing current research, attendees will gain insight into evaluating the reasons a child commits sexual offenses, evidence-based treatments for children with sexual behavior problems, and concrete guidelines for reunification of a child into a family in which a sibling has been assaulted.

Pete Singer 

Addressing Emotional and Spiritual Injuries

Friday, September 13 – 8:30 – 10:00am
Understand beliefs about mental health and collaboration between mental health and faith communities. Become more familiar with examples of how mental health and spiritual health may interact. Identify practical ways to collaborate and barriers that may interfere with collaboration.

Care in Action: A Collaboration between Faith and Child Protective Communities

Friday, September 13 – 10:10-11:40am

Examine the gap that often exists between the faith community and Child Protection Services.  Learn about a program in Minnesota that has worked to bridge the gap between the faith community and Child Protection Services.  Identify key strategies and barriers to bridging the gap between the faith community and Child Protection Services.


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