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We’re on a mission
to stop kids from being sexually exploited


Did You Know 1 in 5 Children  Are Sexually Abused?

Unhealed abuse isn’t something you just “get over.” There’s a lifelong ripple effect that has a massive effect on the individual, their family, school, work, and communities. Adverse childhood experiences, known as ACEs, is a pandemic with profound implications.

Early adversity has lasting impacts!

How We Take Action in Our Communities

Our non-profit is based in Maine, and our focus is here in our home state. We’re educating audiences about child sexual abuse, prevention, and sex trafficking through free resources and trainings. We believe education is the most effective path to help protect children.


Whether you’re a survivor, parent, or teacher, our resource hub answers questions, provides guides, and links to recommended online courses and organizations.


We educate parents, school staff, faith leaders, first responders, and law enforcement via free 1-to 3-day child exploitation prevention trainings, which are recorded for future use.

social awareness

We’re active on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, while hosting and attending numerous conferences to educate the public on human trafficking and child exploitation.

We See You!

We appreciate your ongoing consistent support. 100% of your donation goes toward our free resources and trainings for law enforcement, first responders, teachers and faith leaders all across the United States.

(And, thank you!)

Meet Our Founder

Catherine was abused repeatedly from first grade on for nearly 20 years of her life. She spent most of the ages 12-17 living on the street. By age 15, she was lured into sex trafficking. After finding her own freedom from suffering and thriving in her late 40s, Catherine founded Stop Trafficking US, working to educate the public and offer hope for victims.

Catherine Ann Wilson,<br />
Founder, Stop Trafficking US

Catherine Ann Wilson,

Founder, Stop Trafficking US

What Can You Do to Make an Impact?

It’s up to all of us to stop the cycle. Want to help but feel overwhelmed about where to start? Here are a few ways you can support our organization’s work while making a positive change in your community.


We believe everyone should understand the long-lasting impact of ACEs.


Learn how to intervene and protect children from sexual abuse.


100% of your donation goes toward our free resources and trainings.

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