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September 2017

Suffering is Personal

Complain all you want. Complain to everyone/anyone who is willing to listen, either for free (short term, before they get sick of you) or pay for shrinks, coaches, healers, doctors, voodoo priests (for all long as your cash is green)… But they get to walk away from your suffering… you do not. Where ever you …

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Survivor: Faith

  Having been traumatized by chronic abuse, my healing required countless and various types of therapeutic treatments in order to achieve the level of health, for which I now both enjoy and feel profoundly grateful. There are many paths through and out of the dark “forest”, what I call the emotionally challenging times in life. …

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Fire Walking

The boxed set holder of books on cassette tape from the library was HUGE; the size of those fat yellow pages…like the ones I used to sit on so that I could see over the steering wheel to drive. After listening to the first tape, I was hooked. I was so drawn into the stories …

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