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Stop Trafficking US Goals, Accomplishments & Opportunities

2017 has been a fantastic year for Stop Trafficking ME, I’m pleased to report!  To recap:


Year 1, 2015, Stop Trafficking ME and I  joined anti-trafficking groups, volunteered weekly  at the local youth corrections center (jail), spoke at various, business groups workshops aiding sex trafficked adults.


Year 2, 2016, was epic as I my speaking engagements grew exponentially… presenting to nearly 3,000 people in person, plus TV, radio, newspapers, etc. A Deering High School performance about sex trafficking and sexual assault, with an expert panel for a community discussion, was attended by hundreds, and covered on local media!


Year 3, 2017

More momentum, more reaches, bigger impact means bigger goals

Reviewing comments and testimonials from previous speaking gigs, myhighest marks across the board for my presentations reinfroced my goal to speak to more… reach more. So, with personal funds, I hired a local coach for $5,000 for a “3 month intensive” prepartion for national speaking engagements, to hone my skills and present myself professionally to appropriate audiences.
My professional speaker kit now includes 3 talk/topics:

·         what is sex trafficking

·         child sexual assault prevention

·         how to thrive after trauma motivational speech


2017 More Accomplishments and Attendances:


New Hampshire Faith & Justice Summit


Massachusetts Child Advocacy Conference


Thistle Farms Conference, Nashville 300 people


Boston Workshop For Men & Boys


Maine State Military Base presentation on sex abuse to 98 men in uniform and 2 females!


MECASA funded certification and attendance of “My Life My Choice” program on girls at risk of being trafficked.


Cohosted cable access channel “Issues That Matter” with Robert Picone, numerous shows:
Shelley Fleming Wigglesworth four part story on me and sex trafficking in Maine

Diane Madden representing Hope REising a residence for Sex Trafficked survivors

Peter Dimarzio with Homeland Security victim assistance agent for New England. (two shows)

Meg Hatch from our Maine Child Advocacy Centers

Jenifer Blatz-Wiessner AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, LCSW, ST came on the show to discuss how to talk to children about sex, their body parts, etc…


Gia Drew from Equality Maine and Julianne Siefriedt to discuss gender identity – University of Maine studies


Final 2017 Accomplishment:

Stop Trafficking Us received $15,000 to upgrade our website, established the legal name as Stop Trafficking US in addition to our Stop Trafficking ME.


Attended Tony Robbins Date With Destiny with a cost analysis and project plan for a 12- month media PSA campaign in Maine, including 4 surveys quarterly to prove success. Maine will be the BETA to spread to every state thereafter. The concept is to use real Mainers, hometown heroes to education their own community… a game warden in the woods speaking about predators…Maple syrup guy taking about grooming of victims and knowing what to look for…


Throughout 2017, reoccurring themes and questions proved to me the highest priorities needs to be massive community education. Our 2017 feedback is consistent that people use our site, for support, real tools from a fellow survivor, and a safe resource to send loved ones who may not understand what sex trafficking really is.



Questions and goals rasied for 2018:
How can I reach more people effectively?

How can I fund PSA campaigns that are as proactive for our children as the humane society is for abused animals? Speakers get paid a lot of money for keynote talks and public speaking is my gift. How do I monetize my gift and reach more people in need.


2018 Goals For Stop Trafficking Us:

Speak at Maine College of Art, universities and media schools with a challenge… come up with PSAs that educate with a Maine flare


PSA Contest, on sex abuse awareness, will award winners with $500 and their PSA will be shown on every media outlet available. Maine students CREATING Maine PSAs!


Produce and broadcast PSAs in various medias

Create an effective go fund me or kick start to fund raise for the PSAs to get as much air time as St Judes and the Human Society!


Co Host 10 Issues That Matter shows


Distribute Stop Trafficking Us speaker kits to big audiences with big budgets, to broaden our outreach with paid speeches


Find a project manager to assist in these goals


Find a Video editor to consolidate hours of sex trafficking topic videos for effective distribution.


Improve LinkedIn presence, like our Facebook success, to attract speaking engagements and funding.


Host a weekend summit where sex trafficking prevention experts, parents and regular people can come FOR FREE.


Finish my book “A Survivors Guide to THRIVING” or title TBD


Create a John School to educate Johns to stop buying sex.


Attend Tony Robbins Business Mastery


Some humbling Sex Trafficking Stats to consider:

89% of all addicts, incarcerations, domestic violence… are people who were sexually abused as children.

94% of women in prison were sexually abused.

70% of all child pornography is made in the US.

90% of child porn was made in the Child’s own home.

1 in 4 girls, 1 in 6 boys are sexually assaulted before they come of age


Some impressive Stop Trafficking US Facebook Page Impressions:
December 2016 post on tips to keep children safe reached 7,455 people.

254 clicked like or love. 30 people commented “thank you”

126 people shared the tips to their page!

Weekly Outreaches  averages 6,004

Stop Trafficking Us Mission:

I believe with every cell in my body that massive, creative, multi-pronged, consistent, on-going education is our #1 priority to prevent sex abuse. Once people understand this epidemic, they become blockers by preventing abuse from happening. There is no greater disease, issue, plague more devastating … or more easily cured than child sexual assault.


Education is vital.

I’m only one person. But I have a far reach… and a strong speaking history, ofmoving and motivating


people! Sex trafficking has many layers, legal issues, limited resources for people still on the street, housing and health implications… so much! I have a narrow lane… prevention through education. I hope you will support me, and Stop Trafficking Us, click “like”, send me a message, share the word, provide funding to our non-profit 501c3 established in 2015 by me, survivor Catherine Ann Wilson, to raise awareness, educate and mobilize people to stop the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. # EIN 474939009.

Donate: $1.4 mill would do it!



Thank you! I believe in you,


Catherine Ann Wilson

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