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Catherine at the White House

I am so proud to be here in our great nation’s capital… The White House, representing sex trafficking and child sexual abuse survivors…. from my home state of Maine.

I am here to offer my recommendations, experience, strength and HOPE. I’ve stepped back from this amazing day… meeting with US Senator Susan Collins, and so many influential people, I’m back here at the fabulous The Hay-Adams hotel.

I want to share with you a bit of how the day went, and thank you for sharing this experience with me.

I was invited to a White House discussion on “recommendations on how the federal government can help with the sex trafficking crisis in the United States and how it can support small advocacies like Stop Trafficking US who are trying to make a difference”. I also particapted in the White House Conference Call on the President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.

Based on today and my invitation to the White House I know this won’t be one and done but rather the first of many! Together we can will do great things! I don’t want to wait for national mandates to implement what we already know must be done… let’s do this! Prevention Prevention Prevention! Demand the sexual pop ups on kids games and computers be eliminated at once. Empower parents and surrogates to prevent access of offenders to children through education! Education! Awareness! We need updated policies and procedures, education for health workers, clergy, and anyone who interacts with children.

This is a big deal and totally do able!

Thank you for supporting me and Stop Trafficking US

…It Matters, to every child we save.

see Catherine’s post White House video 


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