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Sex Trafficking, Exploitation

Survivor: Faith

  Having been traumatized by chronic abuse, my healing required countless and various types of therapeutic treatments in order to achieve the level of health, for which I now both enjoy and feel profoundly grateful. There are many paths through and out of the dark “forest”, what I call the emotionally challenging times in life. …

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Fire Walking

The boxed set holder of books on cassette tape from the library was HUGE; the size of those fat yellow pages…like the ones I used to sit on so that I could see over the steering wheel to drive. After listening to the first tape, I was hooked. I was so drawn into the stories …

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Triggered at TSA

  Have you ever been patted down all over by security? I thought I had been before. You know, an ankle here or there, but never a complete pat down. Wow. That was really intense for me, and I got emotional.   I’m not sure why. I think it was because I was powerless. I mean, …

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Surviving the Surviving

  Each new day used to mean a new day to “survive the after effects of surviving.” I call it “surviving the surviving.” It took a very long time to train my brain to look at a new day, and frankly everything, in a new way. It doesn’t happen overnight or even after years of …

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